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    Time to keep my promise

    Not much to say here fellas, looks like we just have your number. Said i'd be back to eat it or serve how you want it cooked?

    How we beat the vikes and get killed by the Lions is beyond me, but i'll take.

    Good luck the rest of the season...maybe we'll cross paths again.


    go giants...

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    Time to keep my promise

    I will take mine with hot sauce...they don't call me The Cajun for nothing!

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    Time to keep my promise

    Alot of crow going around tonight...

    Some of you G-Man fans that have been here all week have been good to chat with, outside of a few comments, but then again, that's what this section is for...good luck on the rest of your season!

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    Time to keep my promise

    I'm sure we will cross paths again...and maybe, just maybe one day, we will beat you guys. But for now it does seem like you have our number. Good game.
    "Meet at the quarterback!" -Purple People Eaters

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