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    Re: Thank You Brad Childress

    "AngloVike" wrote:
    "stateVIKE44" wrote:
    Calling our wide receivers "garbage" is a reach. Wade made some really nice plays yesterday, Rice is FINALLY getting some balls thrown to him, and showing that he can be a big play guy, T-Will was at least CATCHING the ball. Our wide receiver group may be unproven, but in no way would I consider them "garbage".

    As for play calling, I think our red zone offense will change now after Rice's catch yesterday. We have no problem getting inside the 30, even the 20, but from there we cannot do a thing. Well, Rice just earned himself a few jump balls thrown his way if you ask me, now it's just a matter of Childress getting those plays called. I'm confident he will...
    I was pleased to see Rice finally get the opportunity to show what he can do. He will be making a lot more grabs like that before the season is finished. I'm still not enamoured with some of the play calling but things are improving, only not quick enough at the moment for a lot of people.
    That's if Childress lets him play unlike the Chiefs game.

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    Re: Thank You Brad Childress

    I was going through the thoughts of other members here and I have to say that I understand that we have to get used to a system but by the time the Vikings hit "mid season form" we will be out of the run for the playoffs. I don't necessarily think Brad Childress has the best players but come on...We can't beat a down trodden KC team and we let the Lions slip past us. The Packers game should have been ours too but it doesn't seem like the right calls are coming in. The NFL is not the NFL of the past. You can't wait five years and build draft picks up in order to be a great team. At very most it should take you two years to show improvement. Childress has taken a step back in two years. I actually look forward to the next year with Childress as we will be able to stockpile good players through his horrible seasons and when the Vikings finally hire a guy who knows what he is doing, it will make our team all more special.
    "Show me a good and gracious loser and I'll show you a failure."
    - Knute Rockne

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