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    First off I want to say “Sorry” to the fans of the Minnesota Vikings for interrupting your draft planning and/or ice fishing activities.
    Next I have to take this time to apologize to all the anti Eagle fans for some things that weren’t delivered.

    “Sorry” for disappointing by not CHOKING again in the NFC Championship game

    “Sorry” for not living up to the predictions and not being rusty

    “Sorry” for shutting down yet another teams rushing attack (#1 rushing offense) when we aren’t supposed to be able to stop the run.

    “Sorry” for making M Vick (aka Mr. Offense, aka Superman) look like another below average athlete. (reference: Randy Moss)”

    “Sorry” that we will be one of two teams garnering all the attention for the last two weeks of the 2004/2005 NFL season.

    “Sorry” that our fans although crazy with spirit given the presence of so much residual snow didn’t give the detractors more ammunition by pelting anyone with snowballs.

    “On the Bright Side” Perhaps the Eagles can make amends if we get beat by NE (the undeniable best team of the millennium) sparing me from having to make more apologies. I know that will make the fans of Minnesota especially happy as it will leave us only two short of the record 4 losses in Super Bowls which Minnesota proudly shares. There will also be relief for all the detractors and the dozen advocates of this forum now that we are under the national microscope. That will give them the opportunity to pick on anything and everything they consider bad about our team and our city. This of course is on a canvas of defeated teams which of course includes everyone but New England and ……… The Eagles”.

    I imagine the reaction by some will be “I’m not even watching” but that would define the level of that fan. I can’t imagine not watching the crowning/defining event of anything I profess to like. No true fan would deny themselves participation in the final dance because they weren’t the focus of the event. That’s what you get with the fair weather fans and the bandwagon jumpers.

    “Sorry” Jacksonville and for the true fans “Sorry” it’s us!


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    What if you lose in the superbowl, are you guys still content just getting there?

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Apology accepted.

    Except next time perhaps you could add.

    -Sorry for being a Drama Queen.

    -Sorry for acting like someone owes me or my team something

    -Sorry for taking up valuable space.

    -Sorry for assuming you all care what I have to say.

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    Please add one more:

    "Sorry" for being such a jerk a$$hole.
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