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    Re: says hello!!!!

    Rhew, I hope you don't let one fan that comes in and talks garbage ruin your view of this site.
    I really wish that people would post intelligent feedback rather than come in and give statements about other players that mean absolutely nothing.
    The fact is Jeremy Stevens is a good player and to say he's "useless" and you would be "embarrassed to have him on the team" is plain ignorant.
    Therefore I apologize for that.
    I'm not offended one bit about his/her remarks.
    Its his/her opinion and I'm able to turn the conversation into something we can move forward with.

    It'll take ALOT more to get me rolling.
    And when it does, I just remember that this is an internet board and it can't really hurt me hehe.

    I liked the Hawks until they let Dyson go in free agency, he loved Seattle they kind of screwed him over.
    I was a bit upset with that as well, I love the fact that Dyson was playing for out team, and hated the fact that he was coming off an injury.
    Our CB corp was deep last year with Dyson, Herndon and Babs.
    So we were lucky.

    I would have loved to have kept him, but alas, I'm not part of the Hawks FO.

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    Re: says hello!!!!

    Ilove it
    The Seahawks are just what we need to test our metal. I live in New England so it`s a good warm up for the Pat`s next Mon.

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