"PacNWVike" wrote:
We went, we cheered, and we conquered!

Most of the Hawks fans were civil to friendly, but they had a group of drunken d-bags at our tailgating lot.
I went over to try to have a civil debate about our teams and soon realized they were drunken buffons who couldn't hold a civilized debate if they had cue-cards.
Obnoxious reprobates...
thought they were transplanted cheesediks.
I did note the deafening silence when we returned to the lot!
In fact, most of them had left!
Mass exodus in mid-4th qtr.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Dropper and sampling his most excellent rum.
My hats off to you Dropper!
Good stuff, and the next time I'm in Portland, I'll drop by your distillery.

Skol Vikings!!!!

Sweet, somebody else is using my word!! lol