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Thread: Rams @ Vikings

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    Re: Rams @ Vikings

    I hope the Packers make the playoffs.
    Then get humiliated like the year we beat them in lamblow.
    That way they get a later pick.

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    Re: Rams @ Vikings

    "gr8vike" wrote:
    "WisconsinSucks" wrote:
    Well according to my Packer friend the following needs to happen for the Packers to make the playoffs if the Giants win:

    Should the Packers wind up in a tie with the Giants for the sixth and final playoff spot in the NFC, it will be broken through a strength of victory tiebreaker.

    According to the NFL, the Packers can clinch that tiebreaker only if all of the following occurs on Sunday: Arizona wins at San Diego, Detroit wins at Dallas, Miami wins at Indianapolis, Minnesota beats St. Louis, San Francisco wins at Denver, Carolina loses at New Orleans, Houston loses to Cleveland and Tampa Bay loses to Seattle.

    If Minnesota beats St. Louis and Detroit beats Dallas, there could be a tie between the Packers and Giants in strength of victory. It would take four of the other five outcomes for that to happen. Then the next tiebreaker would be strength of schedule, which the Packers have a slight edge in right now.

    So first the Giants need to win.
    Second if that happens, the Lions will not beat the Cowboys so our game really doesn't matter IMO.
    According to this is what needs to happen. Not all that stuff. Notice the OR's

    Chicago has clinched home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

    Green Bay can clinch playoff berth with:

    1) GB win + NYG win + GB clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over NYG, OR
    2) GB win + NYG loss or tie + STL loss or tie, OR
    3) GB win + NYG loss or tie + CAR win, OR
    4) GB win + NYG loss or tie + ATL win, OR
    5) GB tie + NYG loss + STL loss + ATL loss or tie + CAR loss or tie
    Notice the IF the Giants win then all that stuff has to happen.

    That is to determine the strength of schedule tiebreaker.

    Just hope the Giants win and then our game doesn't matter.

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    Re: Rams @ Vikings

    We will not try to lose this game just so the packers don't get into the playoffs.
    Thats just silly thinking.
    The thing is that with injuries to our D and a rookie QB and MRob being released and Childress stating that he wants to look at some players that have been on the bench, we are basically fielding a preseason team.

    The Rams are going to roll over us I think.


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