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    Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    [size=18px]Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?[/size]

    1. Going into yesterday’s game, the Vikes had the most wicked road schedule that I’ve seen in the league in a long time! Every respective opponent was in first place in their division, Cincinnati (6-2); Atlanta (6-2); Chicago (5-3); Carolina (6-2); and the Giants (6-2). Though we were blown out in all except the Giants game, it’s tough to criticize a poor road record with that level of competition.

    2. Combined record of teams the Vikes have lost to: 32-13 (.710) (WOW!); combined record of teams they have beaten 14-19 (.424); combined record of remaining opponents: 28-35 (.444); combined record of remaining opponents minus Pitt and Chi: 15-30 (.333). They are beating the teams they should, and losing to the top teams in the NFL. Given this, it is possible they could finish the season out 5-2, which might be enough to win the division or make the playoffs at 9-7. Once in the playoffs, anything can happen.

    3. After a winnable road game at Green Bay, the Vikings finish out the season with four of their last six games at home.

    4. Two of three team components are gelling, special teams and defense. Offense was never a problem for the Vikes in the past (with or without Pep) so it seems likely that this would be the easiest piece to correct. If the offense gets hot and the D and special teams continue to play at this level, look out!

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    Re: Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!?

    5. and....we somehow get competent coaches.

    I like your optimism though, I agree, it's possible.

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