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Thread: other team fans

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    Re: other team fans

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "Acumen" wrote:
    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Browns fans are the most delusional fans in the world.
    Every year they are going to win the Super Bowl.
    Hell, this year they think they can too.
    More than Packer fans?
    I funded my undergrad degree on betting Packer fans during the Forest Gregg years.
    They are tards.
    At least GB can hang their hat on a few SB wins.
    Football history goes back farther than the first Super Bowl.
    Paul Brown was a genius who won several NFL titles behind Otto Graham and Jimmy Brown.
    Cleveland's recent history is bad bad bad, that's for sure, but they have much glory in their past.


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    Re: other team fans

    I am really surprised no one has mentioned the Bengals fans. I guess it's because the Vikes don't face them very often.
    When I attended the Vikings game there last year I was pelted with food, Beer was thrown before the game at a bunch of Vikes fans waiting near the tunnel.
    700 radio there whips fans into a frenzy. Before the Vikings game they were saying the Vikings were a tesm that wanted to just injure opposing players -- nothing more. And the fans believed it. Fans around me were chanting that they were gonna injure the Vikes rather than the other way around.
    And that stuid "Who-Day" yell is the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard.
    Honestly, if the Vikes had one that game I would have feared for my life it was that bad.
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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