"TARKenton" wrote:
Great article, really spot on.
[size=10pt]TT just doesn't get that you have to acquire veterans at certain positions to win.[/size]
Aaron Rodgers stats this year, compared with GB's record, indicate the importance of a solid o-line.

The Vikings and Bears have made good free agent acquisitions the last few years.
The Bears have been riddled with injuries and its showing.
For the Vikings, AP, JA, Hutch and Shanks, amongst a few others, have been instrumental for our success.

I still question Chillers play calling, but I guess at 7-1, theres not much to question.
I am happy for our success, and I'm not ready to crown anyone, but I like our chances.

You only have to aquire Vets when you fail to resign critical vets and draft poorly.
Teams that run out and trade away thier draft picks every year and sign every "Big Name" "Proven" player (unless your the Yankees) never win anything.

Teams that are built are teams that win and do it consistently.

By the way, hows Pace working out for the Bores?