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Thread: The Meadowlands

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    Re: The Meadowlands

    eli is horrible. 4 int? what are you, bret farve??!? ahhaha. go cry daddys boy.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: The Meadowlands

    Hey, I have nothing to do with the Ned in OwNed.......hahahahahhahaa


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    Re: The Meadowlands

    for the visiting grammar specialist aka Pha-Q, some simple phrases that even you can understand.

    [size=18px]Vikes 24
    Giants 21[/size]
    [size=24px]You lost ![/size]
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: The Meadowlands

    Coming from a Jets fan, I LMFAO at the G-aints all day yesterday. Manning is back to pouting like a little bitch everytime he throws the ball to the Vikings. Even better was that priceless look on all the G-aints fans right after that 2 point conversion. Did you clowns seriously think you were gonna win after that? The Vikes did what was expected, and thats kick 3 points of Loser right at ya's. Good Job Minnesota. My season may be over, but now I can talk shit all day long to those pepperoni and beer scented G-Aints fans. Fuh-Q, you got DESTROYED!!!!!!

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    Re: The Meadowlands 95

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    Re: The Meadowlands

    Just to answer the original question in this thread, after going to the game Sunday I would say the Giants fans were more than civil. Sure they gave Viking fans a hard time, but no more than I got last year in Washington. I had heard some negative things about the treatment of visiting fans, but as someone said earlier in this thread... as long as you go in and act civil you will get the same treatment more often than not.

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    Re: The Meadowlands

    That's because the Vikes turned it into "The Mellowlands"

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    Re: The Meadowlands

    15 Nov. 2005

    Word out of New York is that more than a few members of the Giants are getting fed up with coach Tom Coughlin's Chicken Little routine regarding every play that doesn't go the G-men's way.

    They also think that his post-game, locker-room rant following Sunday's loss to the Vikings went on for far too long.

    "Every play is life and death," said one source. "Players are getting too tight with all that bullsh-t."

    Some point to guys like Pats coach Bill Belichick, who never engages in wild gesticulations on the sidelines when things don't go his way.

    Then there's a Soup Nazi, who was stomping and storming and waving his arms and generally acting like an idiot throughout Sunday's game.

    On Monday, Coughlin tried to put everything in perspective, reminding the media (and possibly himself) that the Giants would at worst be in a tie for first place after Monday night's game.

    "We do have an opportunity in the next seven games to determine our own fate," Coughlin said. "And I don't know that you can ask for anything more in this business."

    The problem is that Coughlin routinely asks for too much, by expecting constant perfection. Over the course of a long season, it's the kind of thing that mentally wears on young guys who have enough to worry about without fearing that one false move will trigger yet another eruption from the sidelines.


    and from the linked article:

    His message, he said, was "You've got to move on," though that may be difficult given the Giants' recent history of turning bad losses into complete second-half collapses. One "very factual" thing that's hard to overlook is the Giants' horrendous 1-16 record in second-half games in the last three seasons (0-8 in 2003, 1-7 last year and 0-1 this season).

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    Re: The Meadowlands

    Some guys respond to that some don't.

    They sound like a bunch of rich winey bitches to me. The Giants won't go far with that attitude.

    All you hear from the players about last week is they are a better team waa waa waa......... that team is seriously lacking something. Maybe it is the head coach? Maybe he should have put baby powder on there asses after that ripping the Vikes handed them? I mean he must be a nazi if he expects his team to beat a 3-5 team that is poorly coached, that sucks in the outdoors, that is horrible on the road.

    Shame on the coach for demanding perfection. They screwed up in a major way, take your lashings learn from it and improve. Don't sit and bitch about the guy who has made you what you are. That's pretty big if a few of the team leaders feel that way then it could turn ugly before the season ends.

    I remember them bitching about having to be early to meetings, and by the end of the year you had the same guys saying it was really working for the team. It was really helping maintain some dicipline.

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    Re: The Meadowlands

    Good point DR. All it takes is a few whiners and many will fall in line with them. They deserved getting drilled. I bet Mike Sweatman, their special teams coordinator, is having a fun week. lmao.


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