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    Re: Looking for a Tailgate for DET game Oct12

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    "Questfor31" wrote:
    Any suggestions on Parking?
    Can I get a parking pass in advance?
    Where would i get one?
    Is there paid parking onsite?
    Will I have trouble finding a spot?
    Parking in the tailgating lots is sold as season passes only, but there is plenty of parking ramps and lots in the immediate vicinity, and you can walk into the tailgating lots.
    They usually cost about $15-20.

    PP.O has 4 spots there, we use three of them for the tents/grills/etc and one for the Webby's truck (which hauls it all).

    Also, check out my other post regarding the light rail from the MOA.
    It is nice not to have to fight traffic on the way in or out of the city...
    Based on what you said I might reconsider bringing the truck.
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    Re: Looking for a Tailgate for DET game Oct12

    "Questfor31" wrote:
    Hey Thanks Much.
    I ended up Pricelining a hotel room downtown.
    Ended up with two nights at the Hyatt Regency downtown for $70 per night.
    I was pretty pleased.
    I'd like to bring my truck down there anyway.
    I ususally put up my Quest for 31 flag, and it's nice to have a place to stash stuff.
    It makes for some great pictures, and after I've had a few, the flag makes it really easy for me to find my car.
    8 bucks in quarters will get you parking on the street just a couple of blocks from the Metrodome.
    That's what I do for every home game - I park on Portland Avenue about 3 blocks from the Dome and it works great.


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