"BloodyHorns82" wrote:
"HEY" wrote:
I am all for trading for this guy.
Our linebackers are excellent, but E.J. has durability issues and Leber is 30 years old.
I would trade Tarvaris Jackson and Pat Williams for Laurinatis. Seriously.

The Rams definitely need a new quarterback and could need a defensive tackle too.
Problem is I doubt TJack is an upgrade over Bulger, and Pat Williams is 62 years old.
Might as well offer them a 1993 Donrus trading card and 2 packs of Wrigley chewing gum.
LOL! You make a good point. I really doupt that the Rams would make that trade.
However, I would rather have Tarvaris than Bulger. Bulger is playing horrible, has no mobility, and is much older than Tarvaris.

How about this instead:
Laurinatis in exchange for E.J. Henderson, Pat Williams and a 2rd round pick?

Putting myself in the Rams position: Both Pat and E.J. are well known players and are ranked by many as top 10 players at their positions. Laurinaitis is not as well know and proven. E.J. is better than the guy they trade away, Pat Williams is a huge update over their current DT, plus a 2nd round pick to go along with the two Pro Bowl caliber players sounds like a dream.

Putting myself in the Vikings position: We lose two excellent players, but Pat Williams is old and we have great depth behind him at DT so it would not be a big loss. E.J. Henderson is not very old, but is injury prone and Laurinatis has more potentials and is already playing very good. Laurinatis would also make our pass defense better beacause he's much better than E.J. in the passing game. We would also lose a 2nd round pick, but Laurinatis is worth a 1st rounder.