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Thread: A joke

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    A joke

    "Caine" wrote:


    Hey, yous two. You is dumm. No more put up stuff on "porn-finding-gizmo" cuz dem peepole what likes da Vikings is gonna be as stoopid as yous is ifn yous keep doin dat.

    Try to be smart like dem Vikings peepole or dey mite not play wit yous no more. My butt itches.
    That's funny stuff Caine. I think it still might be a little much for most Bear's fans to understand. You might want to tone it down a tad for the poor guys. :tongue:
    Go Vikings!

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    A joke

    Caine, you rock! :salute:

    I liked it during the season when the Packer trolls were lurking. You were much more active. Now, it is like a special treat when we can read one of your posts like this! Keep fighting the good fight!

    *I printed the letter to Moss you posted awhile back and showed it to a lot of people, they all loved it!

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    A joke

    "Del Rio" wrote:

    So please stay off the boards and devote your time to more benificial matters like trying to figure out just how you are going to get that lincon log out of your butt before your mom comes home.
    Thanks, Del Rio. i needed a good laugh!!!
    It aint the years honey, it s the mileage..

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