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    Informaton About Drew Radovich

    49er fan here and I come in peace looking for some information.
    It’s no big secret that our O-Line was about one of the worst in the league last year giving up the second most sacks.
    Unfortunately we did not address the problem they way I would have liked us to by picking up Michael Oher in the draft, instead we picked up Crabtree and we all know how that’s working so far.
    Anyway, we have done a few things to strengthen our O-Line and the last piece of the puzzle is we picked up Drew Radovich from you guys and placed him on our PS, apparently until he heals from a shoulder injury.
    I have not been able to find out to much about him other than he was the back-up LT behind Bryant McKinney for you guys in 08 until he got injured, so I was wondering what can you tell me about him.
    He will again be a back-up when he comes off PS and hopefully that means we can dump Barry Sims. I was just wondering.
    1. How does he grade out as a backup tackle?
    2. Durability,
    3. Pass blocking,
    4. run blocking,
    5. heart, etc.
    Appreciate any information you can give me, and good luck to you guys this year, wish you the best except on September 27th.

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    Re: Informaton About Drew Radovich

    He seemed to be a decent project coming from USC

    Im not really sure why we didn't keep him around

    But I think he should be a solid back up for u guys.. I don't know alot about him

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    Re: Looking For Information

    I have stats on him somewhere in my files, can't seem to locate them.
    Good luck in patching things up, I would be worried with Martz as the o-coordinator.
    He is to the o-coordinators as chuckie is to HCs.
    Someone else did the work and he took the credit.
    Both are way overrated.
    Nolan may help shore things up, but, you are screwed as long as Martz is the o-coordinator (btw, we'll give you Bevell for a case of flavoried pringles).
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    Re: Informaton About Drew Radovich

    He is a good kid with lots of potential, unfortunately, he never seemed to bloom.
    He was injured and not sure he ever really bounced back.
    He has good size (6 ft 5 in, 305 lbs) with average reach.
    He had flashes but then would "rookie" up a play (getting too high, slow footwork) and get beat every now and then.
    The staff seemed to like him and kept him around until we got Loadholt.
    The difference was not even close so bye-bye drew.
    With good coaching and a true opportunity I think he could start on some teams.
    He will probably never be a pro bowler, but then again that can be said for a lot of other tackles in the NFL.

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    Re: Looking For Information

    Well, it took us awhile to figure out that Nolan wasn't worth his pay check so he is now the DC with Denver, and Mike Singeltary is our new HC, and after 1 year as our OC Martz is now in the ranks of the unemployed and Jimmy Raey is our new OC.
    However that leaves us trying to repair what they screwed up that's why I'm trying to dig up some information on Radovich.

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    Re: Looking For Information

    He's got a lot of talent and is good at getting to the 2nd level when blocking but he really seems to struggle against faster ends (JARED ALLEN).
    Personally I think he would be much better as a guard is a zone blocking scheme.
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