ultravikingfan wrote:
Well, it was exciting up to the end. However, your team prevailed.

Good luck this season. Your Defense is awesome. And thank you for coming here; a classy group.
Thanks for letting some of us come here and talk a little "smack" with you guys. I'll tell you that this forum is heads above some of the others that talk nonsense with the grade school fat rex ryan jokes...etc etc etc...It was a good game, and if Favre hits Harvin at the end when he was wide open...the Jets lose that game. Favre had an excellent 2nd half...Harvin made Revis look foolish but Cromartie played excellent vs. Moss......the Vikes def. defly had me worried but Allen was kept in check....hopefully we'll play each other again this year (of course we'd be in the SB)