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Thread: giants vs vikes

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    Re: giants vs vikes

    Its fine with me that we go into the game as the underdogs as the pressure is all on the Giants then. It will a tighter game than many of the Big Blue fans think and will give them a big surprise.
    Incidentally - no such thing as "can't beat", Green bay swept us last year in the regular season but got a thumping in the playoffs - so I wouldn't get too cocky just yet giantsfan!

    Here's to a clean game and no injuries
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: giants vs vikes

    IF we can have establish the run, play at least somewhat decent defense giving up around 17 points max and the o-line holding its own, i think we can pull it out.

    Giants have been beating us lately but look what happened last night, colts ended the pats streaks of beating them. I think we can do that too if we gameplan right as well.
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    Re: giants vs vikes

    I think the Giants are a solid team, but not a great team. I don't see them as a dominant team. I mean, look at the San Diego game, SD ran away with it. Eli and Tiki and Shokey are good, as are the recievers. But didn't Dallas beat them this year ? And I think Dallas is mediocre to good.

    the key for us Vikings is not giving up the big play early. I think the first couple drives are going to tell us a lot about this game. If Brad Johnson can just generate long, time-consuming drives and keep the NY offense off the field, and score first, I think we have a shot. If the Giants score a TD right away, we are in trouble.

    I personally think we can win this. We have the talent. On the road, you have to take the crowd out early, not make big mistakes, and not turn the ball over. I see Brad Johnson as a good "manager" type QB.

    And let's face it, there is one QB in this game who has a Super Bowl ring, and did it the whole time on grass, and his name ain't Eli.

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    Re: giants vs vikes

    His name ain't Eli...LOL!!!

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    Re: giants vs vikes

    for the last couple yrs Giants would come down here beat us and from then onwards we went downhill,
    this time it's our turn to spoil their season, make them go downhill after losing to us and of course get ourselves back on track

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