"BKLYNYG" wrote:
"cajunvike" wrote:
Come on, G-girls, let's see what you got...and I ain't talkin' 'bout the panties that you are wearin' under your skirts. Time for some smack...if you can handle it!

yea were scared...scared your going to "cyber" kick our asses. get real punk, you wouldn't last ten minutes around here.

lets see what kinnda smack you got.
We are gonna kick some Jint a$$ because you guys have no passing game to speak of and our DL can stop Tiki as he is the only real bright spot on your offense...as far as the defense is concerned, no one has been able to stop our offense yet, and you guys won't be able to either...hell, you couldn't even stop Joey and the Pussycats...Daunte's Inferno will consume the Jint D like a forest fire...you will have to call our resident firefighter (you know him) to help put it out. :angryfire: :bootyshake: