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    Down go the Lions (how about Dabears)

    Yes! Now we will get Moss back and start to really fire on all cylinders!!!
    All the smack from the Bears punks! They got their asses handed to them!!! :salute:

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    Down go the Lions (how about Dabears)

    all the roaches came out of the woodwork last week, i dont expect teh bears fans to come back after the ass kicking they got today.

    and yes, moss back next week......... were gonna be looking good from here on out.
    "the only diffrence between suicide and martyrdom is the press coverage"
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    Down go the Lions (how about Dabears)

    I was hoping DUHbears would come back to explain what happened to his awesome team. Although 41-10 is closer than I expected. :wink:
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