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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    From reading most of what these Bears fans have to say you would think they are going 16-0 by a combined score of 480 to 56 while cruising to a Superbowl victory.

    Let them underestimate us and let them overrate their team.
    It will all play out this Sunday.
    Go Vikes!
    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    "Prophet" wrote:
    "Caine" wrote:
    After reading this compilation of lies and falsehoods, I couldn't, in good conscience, let this stand.
    So, for those of you new to PP.O, I have translated a Bono post so you can better understand what's being said.
    I call this one;

    "bono" wrote:
    Well, what do ya know: a Bears' fan kissing Viking butt to get on their "good side"(Isn't taht MY job?). HA!
    Come on, 4thand 26. What's w/ "packers suck" stuff? I can see if you were posting something regarding the packers, etc, etc, but this thread is about bears/vikings matchup. Stick to the slug. (After all, no one goes off topic like me)
    And before you go running off at the mouth about me (Something that I have patented and will expect royalty payments for), just know that I -a Packer Backer (When they're winning)- am very impressed w/ this season's Bears team (just look at some of my (stupid) posts in the last two weeks, in which I pretty much gave the Bears props on the 'veruca salt' (A stupid term I am going to completely over use because the term "Poop Stain" was taken by Davenport when we traded him) of a beating they gave my boys in wk one, etc).
    Just wait...if the Bears take out the Vikings this coming week (And I really hope they do becasue these guys are mean to me and I have nothing to get back at them with), and in a fashion that is debatable (i.e. vikings' fans believing the refs. screwed the vikes, over...filthy play never penalized by the bears, etc, etc), YOU and your Bears will feel the fire of the purple and gold. Trust me, I know (I want to feel that fire again.
    That passion.
    That pure unadulterated lust...but they threw me off Packerchatters
    ). These Purple Priders are NOT, and I repeat, NOT YOUR friend (Although I will be...for a soda and a bag of chips). The only reason why all of them respect me (None of them do, I just say this because you, being new here, might actually believe this to be true), and a few love me (Well, ok, none of them actually love me either...but a few have told me to go F**K myself...isn't that love?), is because I'm irresistible (To goats...who are tied up...and have been heavily sedated)! PERIOD. (QUESTION MARK ? EXCLAMATION POINT ! COMMA ,
    I'm so good with punctuation, I know what they all look like
    God Bless you and yours, pal!
    p.s. Packers are still in this thing (for the first overall draft pick...and we're going with Mandrich, baby!!!)!!!!
    You're welcome,

    Thanks for the interpretation Caine.
    My understanding of the original post is much clearer now.
    Bono loved and respected around here.
    Best one I've heard all day.
    I think your translation on that one was dead on.
    Btw, that was halarious Caine.
    The best part of my day is when I get down on my knees, with my head in my hands, and thank GOD for everything he has given me.

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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    "BearsFanGrrrr" wrote:
    You vqueens have NO hope, why not throw in the towel right now and forgo the arse whooping ?

    You played our second and third stringers last game, we coming with the # 1's this game !
    Not only do we have one of the best "D" in all the NFL, we got an "O" to go with it !
    LOOK OUT , ... DA BEARS are coming to your town, hide the women and children....LMFAO !

    DA BEARS 34

    vqueens 9

    GO BEARS !
    If I recall the last game last season - and I do, since I was there with Singer and Ned - the Bears 1st string RAN off the field as soon as they could because the Vikings were HUMILIATING them.
    The only arse being pounded this weekend will be Grossman's when he "takes it like a REAL bear" in the locker room during the pre-game speech.
    How do you think "Lovie" got his name?

    On a more serious note, if you want to trade witless and pointless jabs, I can do that all day.
    Let's try something REALLY challanging, try bringing a point to your posts, then we can all discuss the aforementioned point in a Pro/Con fashion until game time.

    As for your parting shot, shouldn't we just hide the domestic animals?
    Our women and children would send you psuedo-men back home with an "I just pumped my nieghbors cat" look on your face.


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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    Your recolection is wrong !
    Most of our #1's didn't start or play in that game!
    You hommer, you beat our #2's and #3's !

    You will see a full dose of our #1's this game, and regret it !
    Standby for an arse whooping !

    GO BEARS !
    I was a bad boy and was banned!
    I suck.

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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    The Vikings may beat you by more than braggart!

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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    Rex Grossman looked like a homer in the 2nd quarter

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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    "Vinland" wrote:
    The Vikings may beat you by more than braggart!
    That's only 1 point off the score right now... Winfield, I frickin LOVE YOU!!! way to give us the lead!!! Yes!!!

    In AP I trust

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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    We had that game won.. We were driving and up at that point.. Johnson fumbles and they score.. Then with under 2 mins left, he can't even get us into position to at least tie the dam game.. Our offense lost us the game today.. Whoever said that Grossman was overrated better eat his words, because he did something that the veteran Brad Johnson couldn't do, lead his team to a victory when they were behind..

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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    What are you talking about, he's lead this team to victory 2 times this season, that fumble wasn't his fault, it was very good pressure by the D-line of the bears.
    I think the problem was an absolutely horrific call on 4th down with only a minute left.
    It was only 2 yards to get the first down...i'm still lost for words on that.
    Good game however, shows we can hang in there w/ another good team!
    "Johnson, we will keep on beating them until morale improves."

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    Re: Da bears vs Da Vikings

    Troy Williamson had a big drop, but personally I think we would have been at least tied up had that bull shit pass interference call against Williamson earlier in the game not occured.
    We definately would have been in field goal position, but instead we had to punt.

    Thanks to PPE for the awesome Sig.

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