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Thread: Bengals Fans

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    Re: Bengals Fans

    ps: you guys have just as many superbowl wins as we do.

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    Re: Bengals Fans


    Which ever of us wins our next super bowl won't have anymore fingers left to place the championship ring on since it's been that many.

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    Re: Bengals Fans

    Unfortunately, EVERY team has some asshole fans -- what a shame.

    Check out this:


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    Re: Bengals Fans

    That to me is more noteworthy than anything on the boat so far. It is not as sexy though and it won't sell newspapers.

    Beating up a fan that is wrong, they could have killed this poor kid and for what. I hope there was some video in the garage.

    That really pisses me off.***

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    Re: Bengals Fans

    "GoBengals" wrote:
    wow, i was over at my own for and a thread was started about your thread here, here is the link if you care: so i came over to send some apologetic words, yet after reading this whole thread it the seems most here are more downtrotten about losing than actually having been there themselves, i guess NO ONE saw the vikings fans with the horn helmets on running around our stadium cursing and running with thier heads down as to stab bengals fans walking by, perhaps no one saw the group of three utterly intoxicated vikes fans who were too concerned with double fisting beers and screaming obcenities at a 14-16 yr old girl in a bengals jersey and a skirt to stop before they ran into, knocked over, and made a 3-5 yr old buy cry, not stopping to say sorry or see if he was ok but walking off faster as to not get security involved, talk about class shall we??

    player taunting? never seen an nfl game i assume, as if our players havent endured taunting from every other team for years, but when we get cocky we are classless players? this coming from a group of fans who had randy moss on thier team. wow i have to be kidding?

    i have been to cleveland, pitt, baltimore, tennessee, indy, chicago, of course cincy, and the only nicer fans than i have seen in cincy if the titans fans, they were great, i have had my life threatened, half full cups of beer and pop, have eaten hamburgers or hot dogs all thrown at me, bottle caps, empty bottles, peanuts, i have had children on thier dads shoulder flip me off and say "the bengald f**king suck!"

    i have walked through many of teh parking lots around the stadium and seen many fans from other teams get a good ribbing, mostly boo's, nothing ever serious, so if you experienced worse, then you either parked in the wrong place or are an exception.

    while we are on the topic of classlessness, i love how cincinnati record over 3 years ago and a decade back makes you feel better about us romping your team, we havent had a losing season since 2002, before our new head coach and changes in the front office, since then there has been an overhaul of the organization and lots of success and great moments for the city and its fans, we beat the undefeated cheifs in 2003, we loved it, then we beat the ravens at thier house in a 24 point 4th qtr last year, also agreat accomplishment for the team, and so far we are undefeated, so go ahead and keep living in our past, we are enjoying what this team is doing now.

    but dont preech about not being classy when people over here that didnt even attend the game cosign for others and brings up our past record and "player taunting" to put us down. Talk about classy!

    Come over here and justify if you would like, I was just explaining my experience at the game...thats all. I'm sure there were no drunk bengals fans doing anything bad...yea.....have some azzholes pawing at your old lady and see how you react. And because it happened to me I am the exception or I parked in the wrong place??? Your dumber than i thought, not much of an excuse. I could point out ALOT more stuff but why bother it's over and i'll never go back there again. I hope you meat heads learn some respect for other people.
    I can tolerate some stuff but I think what I and others are saying is have some respect. The game was in the bag at the half, why spit, throw food, yell curse words, and carry on like a british soccer fan???? I mean really. I take nothing away from your win, you beat us soundly, theres cocky and then theres just being an a zz. Noone told you to represent your fans and come over here and apologize.....but since you did don't expect some kind of medal or a pat on the back. Randy taunted fans in GreenBay in retaliation, Chad Johnson does that pooh every game....very classy :roll:

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