"pack93z" wrote:

Well here is a warped Packer Fans view of it all... I am by far a Packer fan first, followed by the Bolts.. after that I am a fan of the NFC Noris ... Except them flippin Bears.

So would I rather the Packers make it than the Vikes.. No doubt, but if the Vikes make it to the dance.. I might just have to don the Purple and Gold for a day. If the Lions make it.. Blue and Silver... The Bears.. Never happen.
I am with you 100% on this one (except for the part about the Bolts). I will gladly become a Packer fan for a day if they make the SB. This is probably more because I loathe the Patriots than it is being a fan of the NFC North, but it is a little bit of both.

I would never root for the Bears under any circumstances.

And if it's a Cowboys-Patriots SB, I'm not even watching. Just the thought is going to give me the runs.