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    Re: Bear 19, Viking 16

    Lol. I see my fellow bear fans are starting pissing matches.
    We won the game but give the vikings some respect.
    They played us real good and we won the game.
    The game could have gone either way.
    We tried to lose the game by challenging stupid plays and losing the Timeout that would have helped up set up a fieldgoal before the half.
    Grossman tried to throw the ball to Darren Sharper in the first half.
    The vikings blitz the crap out of our team and it worked.
    Grossman made 2 bad decisions.
    As for giving the game away the bears came back and won.
    I don't see the vikings giving the game away to the bears. It was a close game and it came down to the last few minutes.

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    Re: Bear 19, Viking 16

    Semantics. You say come back, we say give away. Bottom line, you won. See ya in December!

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