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    Bad Things in Threes

    OK Fans I have one more story in me and now that a weeks gone by I can talk about it easier than I could last Wednesday. It’s a part Super Bowl diary with a little emphasis on how lucky we are even if our team loses. I titled the post Bad Things in Threes because it ties together 3 things that I consider bad each of which got progressively worse.
    I’ll start after beating Atlanta when 3 friends and myself booked a trip to the Super Bowl leaving Thursday and returning late Sunday night. We got in on a deal, which was considerably less than other packages as the cost was $1850 per person. That covered air, hotel & game Ticket the only additional cost was our car rental and of course food & drink. Considering what some people were paying we started out feeling lucky. In Florida our luck seemed to be continuing as we were attempting to crash the Playboy party. Ultimately we didn’t get in which may seem to be expected however a friend and myself had slipped past security and were headed in. Unfortunately when our other two friends tried to follow us they were spotted and stopped. Their reaction was to say they were with us which wasn’t too smart because all it did was get us nabbed and that’s how that became bad thing #1. There were enough other things going on around town so the night was by no means a bust but after almost getting in it was a shame I had to leave the bunnies behind. Especially since I’m sure they would have hooked up with me after all I’m younger and better looking than Hef. I think I saw one giving me the eye as we were being led out….. her loss. We did run into some girls we met on our plane that night but other than some teasing they kind of shut us down too so technically that could have been bad thing #2.
    On Sunday we went to the game which I’m officially categorizing as the real bad thing #2. Losing was a shame because considering how wild all the Eagle fans and gatherings around town had been leading up to the game had we won it would have been off the hook. There’s a good chance we would have missed our flight home had that happened. We had a 1:20am flight out of Daytona, which wasn’t our choice it’s what we got with the package. They had buses for the commute to Daytona but we used our rental to save time. Because of that we stopped for a mini nice try celebration and almost got there too late anyway. Once on the plane everybody was kind of melancholy talking about the good season and next year. We took off on time and I planned to get some shuteye but after 15-20 minutes the plane started a slight rocking and then I could feel obvious banking. I looked out the window and saw the lights from the coast on my side. I knew what that meant because they were on the opposite side only 5 minutes prior. I’ve been in planes that circled before but the circling only began as you approached your destination. I’d never experienced it right after takeoff. Looking around I saw the stewards all together talking and they had a frantic manner that added to my concern. In a couple of minutes they broke up and they manned the PA starting out saying “there is a potential problem developing.” That was pretty eye opening and then they informed us we would be making an “Emergency Landing.” They gave us a minute or two to freak out inside and then they began explaining the emergency landing procedure. Try to concentrate on that when you think your going down. All I remember was something about the seat cushions being flotation devices and we had to lean forward. When was the last time someone survived a plane crash? At that point you try to think of a reason to be optimistic but all I could think of was the fact that there was plenty of fuel in the tanks since we just took off. They told us we couldn’t use phones including the in flight phone system but what was there to say anyhow? “I’m gonna be real late” or “quick get extra flight insurance.” Obviously since I’m writing this I survived, so sparring the anxiety that followed I’ll just say the plane made it back to Daytona landing without problem. We didn’t even get to slide down the inflatable emergency exit ramps. That is quite an understatement because we were never told everything is ok. The cheer everybody let out equaled any cheers from the game. I can’t tell you how good I felt a feeling I’m sure everyone onboard shared. The 12 minutes after the announcements seemed like an hour. I could hear the faint sound of crying but overall there was nothing but silence. I don’t think anyone was expecting to survive. That was obviously bad thing #3 even though it ended up OK. The airline never told us what the problem was only saying it was precautionary measures. I heard rumors of some kind of system failure but without official conformation who knows. The airline knew they had some shook up passengers on their hands so they were very accommodating. They booked us into major hotels giving most of us single occupancy accommodations. They also took care of breakfast and rebooking the next day. Unfortunately we didn’t get first class, which I thought we deserved. Some people refused flights switching to ground transportation but we figured after 3 incidents our bad luck was over. Perhaps if we were Patriot fans we’d have walked home since we’d be on #2. Anyway anxious to get home we sucked it up and went for it but it was nerve wracking going up again the next day.
    There is a bright side to the near disaster, I hooked up with one of the girls I spoke of earlier at the hotel and after downing a fair amount of alcohol we ended up in her room for most of the night. Perhaps it was my comforting ways or my telling her we were destined to be together and that’s why we survived. Sounds kind of crude now but who wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity? I have spoken to her since and I’ll be seeing her this coming weekend so it wasn’t just a one-night stand.
    One of my friends said the ordeal was to show us that although our team didn’t win we’re still lucky. I’d have settled for something a little less life threatening. I suggested that it should have happened to the players plane after all they deserved the scare as punishment. If not for losing then for causing us to be scared to death coming to see them. Besides if it happened to them maybe they’d realize they better win quick before something really happens.
    After hearing my story you can feel lucky the Vikings weren’t playing because that could have been you on that plane and let me say that’s an experience you don’t want to have. I can’t stand thinking about the people that went through it without the safe ending. No Way!

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    Bad Things in Threes

    I'm glad that everything went well for you (in the plane situation that is and with the girl!!). I don't think I would ever fly again, I hate flying to begin with and that would definitely make me think about never being off the ground again!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Bad Things in Threes

    It's like the old joke:

    Woman: He doesn't love me...blah, blah, blah...

    Man: The Eagles laid though!

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    Bad Things in Threes

    But what a punch line!!!! :O

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    Bad Things in Threes


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