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    An apology please

    Apologies...we don't need no stinkin' apologies!

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    An apology please

    LOL, good one Cajun. And may I add ... sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.
    A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears. - Woodrow Wyatt

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    An apology please

    "triedandtruevikesfan" wrote:
    I agree with you Cajun... and a disagree with her thinking that because she's a girl the fans don't think she knows anything about football... we have quite a few women on this site and all of them can keep up with the guys here.

    But... I will say... congrats on the win... goodluck next week... but go Falcons!!
    I agree with both of you. You get respect by your posts. Lots of times when I am reading a thread in a forum, I will just read and look over when I find a really good post or a really bad on the I want to respond to. It isn't until then that I see who is writing it.

    Post well and get respect

    Talk smack right away on the opposing teams board and find yourself having to play defense the whole time.

    I will apologize for the other posters on this site if you apologize to all of the opposing fans that have been to the Linc and the Vet and have been verbally and physically accosted by drunk'n Eagle Fans.

    Both request seem pretty unreasonable.

    Sometimes the best thing to do to prove you are of equal is to just admit when you are wrong. I could then apologies for giving you such a hard time about your unruly fans.

    "unruly" = not submissive to rule or restraint: turbulent

    As far as your team goes, THEY whooped up on us fair and square and kick us around this time. WE wanted our rematch, got it, and got beat. The fact that the players that you said were going to show up did, that wasn't a surprise we knew that already. Our team just couldn't do anything about it. Our team could not cash our checks.

    No apologies here, just facts.

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