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    Re: This was Zigy's plan all along.

    "grpape" wrote:
    The more I think about it, my theory (yes just an opinion), may make some sense. Zygi is a very smart business man, who is looking to capitalize on his investment. I think he hired Chilly as a pawn for this scheme.

    The team does well, Zygi gets his new stadium (which has huge development plans that go along with it), and he makes bank. If the team stinks for two or three years, he has the opportunity to pack the team up and take it to a city that will give him what he wants (which will make him bank). It's already starting, the fan base is turning on the team, there are blackouts, the ticket sales are lagging, there is no revenue being generated.

    This is what I always thought since the buying of the team and hiring of Chilly. Who knows, maybe it will all turn around and work out for the fans. All I know is....... either way, Zygi is gonna make some serious coin.

    Flame away.
    I am not gonna Flame away.
    (New Marrdro

    I will however say that I agree with a few others that have replied.

    If we were winning people would beeeeyatch.
    Most people who understand anything can see what this organization is trying to do.
    Will we loose some negative nancy, fair weather fans along the way as we loose some games, you betchya, but guess what, we will also pick them back up again as this plan comes to fruition.

    Things will come around.
    Take a look at the make up and on this team and you will see that the future is bright and a heck of alot closer than most think.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: This was Zigy's plan all along.

    it seems like this makes sense. Unfortunately Zygi would have some serious apologizing to the fan base if he breaks his word on keep this team in Minnesota.

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    Re: This was Zigy's plan all along.

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "grpape" wrote:
    Sorry I should have put there were many threats of a black out happening.

    My point is the fans are getting screwed. Just read the posts. There is so much bitching and moaning going on about this team. It's just so negative most of the time. JMHO.
    That's because people beeyatch.
    Do you read the websites of any other teams?
    They beeyatch everywhere.
    Hell, they're bitching on the Patriots websites right now - although that's mostly a product of the New England inferiority complex.

    Zygi is a football fan - an NFL football fan.
    Has been for 50 years.
    He's not Red frigging McCombs, Used-Car-God.
    He understands the connection between a team and their fans.
    I haven't seen him do one gol 'darnit thing that has been aimed at alienating the fans.
    As a matter-of-fact, I have PERSONALLY seen him do several things (not the least of which was singing "SKOL VIKINGS" with ME and about 30 other PPOers 3 weeks ago at the Atlanta game) that an owner who wants to floop the fans would do.

    I'm sick of this "woe is me!" kaka del rio.

    I'm going to sing "SKOL VIKINGS!" with Zygi again this morning, I'm pretty darn sure we'll see him.

    I hope you do sing "SKOL VIKINGS!" with Zygi today.
    It is great that he is reaching out to the fans.
    I am not a fan of Red McCombs, but to say he did not understand the connection between a team and their fans is wrong.
    Before Red, if you phoned the Vikings home office to ask what hotel they were staying at they would not release that information.
    We could not stay at the same hotel as them.
    We did not know where they were.
    Red did change that.
    He readily released that information.
    We had the opportunity to stay at the same hotel as the Vikings in Denver, Chicago, and Indianapolis.

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    Re: This was Zigy's plan all along.

    Zygi knows the fight song
    We're bringing purple back.

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    the truth

    Vikes are 19 million under the cap. Its clear that the owner wants this team to lose and move them when the lease is up in 2011. In my 40 years of being a Viking fan I'm done. Move this team team to memphis but get rid of the owner and coach. Rams and Ravens won SB'S after moving. Don't look like its going to happen in Minn.

    PS This offense is worse than the Viking O of 1971
    which was bad...


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    Re: the truth

    we have been a crap team for almost 10 years now. it never gets better just gets harder to watch the game

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    Re: the truth

    I really hope they don't move. I'd never watch the NFL again. It would be like losing a relative, but one that was liked.

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    Re: the truth

    I don't understand why you're throwing the owner under the bus? Yeah, we have a lot of cap space but who could we sign at the moment that would be helpful?
    Because I'm a Vikings fan, they are that much sexier.

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    Re: the truth

    give them some time if there is no visable improvement next season then i'd start to worry. only a few small changes have been made so far to try and improve the team note that i said try.

    8) crazyB that s Mr crazyB to you 8)

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    Re: the truth

    I went through the same thing ownership wise with the Royals.
    Give Zigy a couple of more years as Glass finally came around with Kansas City.
    Zigy will do the same in my opinion.
    I don't think ownership is the problem here.

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