you cant pick up a #1 draft pick in every position every year. all players mature at different levels. take daunte for instance. instead of checking down on the 2nd and 24 play he tried to stick it to moss. if i am not mistaken N8 was open on the play for at least 10 yds. inexperience. he knows to take what the d gives him but his impatience with the ball made him think of getting it all back instead of doing what he should.
ej with his head turned on the last td. inexperience. he knows to stick with the man he had but inexperience and youth made him peek back at the wrong moment.
moss not running the sharpest of routes or not putting himself(everytime) where he needs to be if daunte needs help because still thinks his athletic ability will take him the farthest. not true, the attention to detail and doing what you are supposed to do every time and every situation. and that goes for every aspect of the game. have to run every scenario over and over in your head, with every intention of knowing that it will be your number that will be called. and that goes for the D too.
but the key to the whole team is daunte. he needs to step up his leadership role and take the team over.
last but certainly not least the coaching. tice for letting linehan call all these gunslinger plays and getting us in trouble with running the clock out, and or scoring again! there were plays for positive yardage and you should not let one holding call effect calling it again. it was one negative and there were how many nice runs of 5 to 10 yds. the short plays to wiggy, etc. i still am not sure about cottrell. did he tell shaw that the ball would be coming to him on the one all out blitz? dunno. and shaw should know that the ball was coming his way. hell, i knew and i dont know squat.

so that is my take on what is going on. as soon as the players figure out how to play the game at a championship level, thats where we will be. lets hope they do soon, i like this team. they play with so much heart adn enthusiasm, not so much in the brain dept. lol