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    YOUR Super Bowl storylines!!!!!

    I think one way you can predict who will play in the Super Bowl is to try and predict what the Storyline, or backdrop of the game will be.

    Last year it was Wisenhunt, supposed to be Cowher's succeessor, is passed over for Tomlin, then they meet to see who made the right choice....

    Giants vs. Pats. Giants are confronted with a decision to rest their starters or play tyhem and try to thwart NE's undefeated season. They lose but get a second chance and ultimately end the dream season.

    The Bus goes home to play in super Bowl Xtra Lrg.

    In hindsight it seems like you could've seen these things coming. A lot of times I hear people say "they (the NFL) want so and so in the game" for whatever reason.

    i figured I could get ppl. here to create some good storylines for this yr's game and we'll try to see who' gonna take it home this season.

    Do "they want" the Favre saga to end with the Sherriff getting his man and riding off into the sunset with another title??? Will he take down another former employer in doing so???

    Will it be Archie's most winningest son against his old club of perrenial losers to face off????

    What's your storyline for this yr's game???

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    Re:YOUR Super Bowl storylines!!!!!

    Brett Favre goes out on top thanks to the first Gamecock Superbowl MVP, SIDNEY RICE!!!!!!

    to be more specific...Favre sticks it to old team and goes out on top thanks to the first Gamecock Superbowl MVP, SIDNEY RICE!!!!!
    Ponder this....

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    Re:YOUR Super Bowl storylines!!!!!

    I think a Jets vs. Vikings game story line would be, new kid vs. old dude.
    or farve's old team vs. farve's new team.

    jets vs. saints, the hard luck saints beat up the cinderella story.

    colts vs. saints, would be manning vs. dad's old team or home town, etc.

    colts vs. vikes, would be old school qb vs. new school qb. battle of the legacy builders.

    they can spin it anyway they want as long as it is the Vikings winning the SB. hehehe

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    Re:YOUR Super Bowl storylines!!!!!

    Well according to my wife and her dream the Vikings are going to the super Bowl.

    Of course in that dream she goes into labor 5 minutes before kick-off

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