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    Re: Your opinion of the Vikes "Weakest Link"

    "vike_mike" wrote:
    This is just an idea guys. I was thinking if we had this player loose about 5-10 pounds, we could work him out at MLB and just maybe it would work. It could be worth a shot. I am talking about DeQuincy Scott. He is the same height as Teddy Bruschi but weighs a little more. If he lost 10 pounds, he would be at the same height and weight as Bruschi. Bruschi came out of college being a defensive end. It could work. Scott is not going to be an end for us, so why not try him out there.
    Probably because any of the people vying for MLB spot could do a better job.

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    Re: Your opinion of the Vikes "Weakest Link"

    "AWZeus" wrote:
    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    It takes years for most teams to find and develop a player like duante and unless we trade up to get brady quinn next year in the draft were no less than 6 years from sniffing the super bowl.

    Childress is known for his work developing QBs, so I think that is an ace in our hole. Also, six years is a bit extreme. Even if our QB situation is a bad as you say (which I disagree with), we are really only one offseason move away from "sniffing the superbowl".
    I wish people would stop passing along that myth! Childress has had a hand in developing ONE good QB, Donovan McNabb. And I give most of the credit for McNabb to Andy Reid - and McNabb himself. He was a winner at Syracuse and that means a helluva lot more than having a great throwing motion or being 6'5".

    Don't forget that Childress also had a hand in developing Mike McMahon (who everyone here fears more than ebola), AJ Feeley, Ty Detmer, etc. Any big names there?

    I would think Childress had a hand in helping McNabb become what he is and as for your other examples it was McMahon's first and only year with him, McNabb wasn't a star in year one. Feeley landed them a second round pick so he did somethingto help himand to make him look like a desiralbe option. Ty Detmer was never meant to be a starter he was reliable backup for them he came in when needed and did his best.
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