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    Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    I wore my Purple all day today...out in public even...and didn't think twice about it. I suppose, on some cosmic level, that ensures my status as a "True fan"...but who cares?

    Win, lose, or draw, I support my team. That doesn't mean I agree with everything they do (I still hate the Moss trade), and it doesn't mean I believe we will win every game...although I HOPE we do. It simply means that, when the lines are drawn, I have declared - in advance - where I stand, and that regardless of outcomes, I am staying put.

    To me, the ONLY definition of a "true fan" is the person who takes the bad with the good. Lord knows, we've taken a lot of bad this season...with a lot more to come more than likely. As Ultra said, "If you are here, you are a fan."...that about sums it up.


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    Re: Are you a "True Fan"?

    I am also a Red Sox fan. Hey I waited a while for that. I am willing to wait until I'm dead, or the Vikings move out of Minnesota (whichever comes first) to see a Viking team win the Superbowl. And I will root for the team every season before the big one.
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