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    Re: You know what I hate??

    Hmmm ... I don't know on this ... I don't like it when anyone tells me that I "have" to do anything ... but Favre deserves respect as a FOOTBALL fan ... he is one of the better ten quarterbacks to have played the game ... but I am not just a football fan, I am a Vikings fan ... so for that ... Favre can go straight to hell! If he wanted me to like him he should not have been a Packer.

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    Re: You know what I hate??

    I somewhat respect him on the field. However it ticked me off when they made a huge deal about his childhood house being destroyed in katrina. WHOOPTIE F**KIN DOO! You know how many people lost love ones and thier houses? Just becuz those people dont wear a crappy green jersey and play in front of a bunch of rednecks....dosnt mean it dosn't hurts any less.

    I'll fight you Brett.

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    Re: You know what I hate??

    A person would sound foolish saying that Farve is a bad quarterback. But respect? Its pretty difficult to respect your enemy. I for one absolutely LOVE to HATE Farve. Watching him fail, is almost as good as watching the Vikes win on Sunday. Back in the day we didn't get to see much of this, but now that he seems to have better luck throwing to the opposition, we can tune in week in and week out to watch him fail miserably. I hope he cries again. What a Sally.

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    Re: You know what I hate??

    Respect is something that needs to be earned, and that d-bag will never EARN my respect. He used to be very good, give him that. The fact is that he hasn't had a very good season in a while. I live 25 minutes from Favre Field and you wouldn't believe the people that will get in line to drop on their knees for this guy.

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    Re: You know what I hate??

    I'm with ya on this one TNT. Funny I was actually just having this conversation with my mom today. I saw a Packers license plate (which makes me sick to my stomach when I see) and I think she said something to me about having respect for Brett Favre for the "great" quarterback that he is blah blah blah, and I'm just like NO!! Sorry but I never have, don't right now, or never will respect Favre. So I'm with you 100% TNT!

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    Re: You know what I hate??

    Interesting point TNT. I've alway bought into the "respect" attitude towards Farve, but after reading your side, I find myself re-thinking that stance.

    I suppose I can accept that he's a HOF Quarterback, but acceptance and respect are two different things.

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    Re: You know what I hate??

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    "AWZeus" wrote:
    "DarrinNelsonguy" wrote:
    You know TNT Bears fans aren't know to be the smartest people around, and I personally love to see Favre fail by throwing picks and making bone-headed decisions.
    So do I - but I still do respect his ability and successes.

    Walter Payton is the greatest RB of all time (IMHO), even though he regularly chewed up the Vikes with his Sweetness.

    You can have it both ways! :grin:

    I am on the same level as Zeus. Farve is a future Hall of Famer, and whether we like him or not, he earned his spot in there.

    Now, however, he is a perfect example of someone who should have retired three or four years ago, when he was at the top of his game.
    Im with you on Favre deserving to be in the hall of fame but i disagree that he should have retired 3 or 4 years ago when he was on top of his game. I think he should play as long as he can and get as much enjoyment(and money :lol: ) out of football as he can. I know thats what id do. Even if i wasnt that great later in my career so what, the pack still wants him as a starter so i would come back too.

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    Re: You know what I hate??

    I mean, I actually agree.

    You don't have to like Favre. He's a Packer, and I think he's a bit overrated, and gets away with a lot more than he should (i.e., Michael Vick is careless, but he's a 'gunslinger')...but the man wins football games, often singlehandedly, and often in crunchtime.
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    Re: You know what I hate??

    You know, I love the game of football, and I've always seen myself as being a good sportsman.

    As for Farve himself, sure he's been a solid QB most of his career. Has played some dam good ball in his time. For sure he will be a future HOF, because of his longevity and accomplishments.

    But one thing that will never change in my mind is the fact that almost all of his career has been as a Packers Player, our biggest rivelry...

    When we play them, or even if I happen to watch them play another team, the only wish and hopes in my mind for those 60 mins of playing time is for ole Farve to get a good ole yankee ass woopin....

    I also think his ego is a bit oversized and he really should have retired about 3 years ago........He's really hurting himself now as far as his credibility is conserned as a player...Kind of like so many others who over played their usefullness....Rice and E. Smith to mention two that should have retired 2-3 years earlier..........But thats just my opinion..

    Look at one of our very own, some say Tarkington was a failure because he never won a Super Bowl, but for sure, there was one QB that made the game so exciting to watch and boy o boy could he scramble....

    Still one of the best QB's ever in my book, and I'm not saying that just because he was a Viking......


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    Re: You know what I hate??

    I enjoy watching Favre because he gives it all he's got when he's on the field. Any player that does that gets my respect.

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