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    Re: You guys are wrong

    "Flaminglover" wrote:
    Tavaris isnt ready? what rookie qb is ready to start their first year? none of them and yet if they are put on teams with talent and if they know the sytem they have proven they can do a pretty good job, examples mcnabb, culpepper, and ben. So really shut the hell up about this crap, vince young wasnt near ready to be an nfl starter but he's out there playing every week and getting better, And shut the hell up about damaging young qb's, they get paid to do this job, if they have a bad game they arent going to go home crying about it, they are going to keep working to get better every week. You guys all act like tavaris is the next ryan leaf, an idiot that is going to freak out about a bad game and ruin his career.
    This is the problem with your argument: the big IF. So far I've seen only moderate talent on the offensive side (the exceptions being Hutch, Richardson, Wiggins, Richardson, and to some extent Marcus Robinson), and who knows if Tarvaris knows the system? Do you?
    Furthermore, who can say that the system thus far is even worth knowing (btw, I do think Childress's play calling will improve, or at least I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since this is his rookie coaching season)?

    While I may be persuaded that throwing Tavaris out there may not hurt our season as a whole, it is highly unlikely that he would drastically improve it either. The fact is that if the receivers can't get open and can't catch the ball, is a mobile qb whose development is an unknown really going to help? I think not. So if he can't improve it, why take a chance with putting him out there and potentially damaging his development?

    The development of a decent offense is going to take a concerted effort to develop the entire offense, not just a qb change. Sure, a new qb may provide a temporary spark, but the problems of dropped balls, receivers not getting open, and a porous offensive line (at least on the right side) will remain.

    So like I said, since a new qb will not improve the offensive (or at most could only temporarily improve it), I put a lot more trust in the guy that helped develop McNabb into a very good qb then in fans hoping for a quick and (too) easy fix.

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    Re: You guys are wrong

    And the Flaming troll goes bye bye.

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