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    "TEXPACK" wrote:
    What's up Star I see you all the time on the Chronicle posting good articles. Wanna come to my house this year to see your so called boys get their asses handed to them?
    SS this is one of the Trolls here they are not sure if they are cowgirls or puckers all they know is they should read :arrow: lesson 5 :shock: in the short series and proably can't find it, :scratch: the streer milkbender, last year was some lame imposter who would hang out with the lambs from california until they figured out he was not a nut but a really fruit :cheese: cake so he was booted their or some other troll who talks sh*t and barks at the moon, ukeright: he is proably an inbread that came from the texas chain saw folks :cheers:

    TEXPACK go back to dream land... :P will we wake you up when the season is over in 3020
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    you talk of speaking intelligently however, you use the words "retarded piss ant" among others. Well any other civilized person would agree that is not intelligent talk. I also feel empathy for you simply becasue you are a packer fan. I know they do not know any better, but when you tell someone to speak intelligently please set an example so we know what you are talking about.
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