Been reading a lot of posts on here about these QBs in draft. I honestly don't feel either of the top 3 qbs are what we need to run a Norv Turner offense. From the things ive read and watched on Johnny football, I see a QBwho can make plays running around. But just go back and watch how uncomfortable he looks in the pocket, also throws up way too many jump balls that he got away with in college. But will not get away with in the NFL. I just don't see the type of qb that could run Norv's system
Next I look at Bridgewater. If my memory serves me right, Don't remember any Louisville QBsever having much success in the NFL. He has small hands as well, small hands don't bode well throwing ball in inclimate weather. Which we will have plenty of playin outdoors now. Do not see anything great from him on tape either.
Next is Bortles. To me he has the most prototypical QB body of the 3. But in watching tape of him. My opinion he is not ready. Would you want to spend a number 8 pick on somebody who does not have tools to help you now.He seems like an overhyped project QB.
I see way better value with people like Mettenberger, Matthews out of Cornell ( I think its Cornell). To name a couple, seem to fit better what Norv likes in a QB, even Carr in late 1st or early 2nd just seem like better fits for Norvs offense. These are just my thoughts after a pretty thorough study of these QBs, since it is a major need for my Vikes. Let me know what you think..