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    Is this the year Minnesota finally records a shutout?

    [size=13pt]Is this the year Minnesota finally records a shutout?[/size]

    By Eric Krupka on August 22, 2007 12:25 AM

    The Minnesota Vikings last stopped an opponent from scoring in 1993, defeating the Detroit Lions 13-0 en route to their second shutout of the season....

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    Re: Is this the year Minnesota finally records a shutout?

    I sure hope so...........

    Defense pitches a shut out, scores 2 times and the KAO controls the ball for at least 35 minutes, chewing up the clock with a mind numbing ground game all the while frustrating the defense with a controlled passing attack heavily laden with 3 and 5 step drops by the QB hitting the WR's with slants outs and a few deep balls to keep the Randy Ratio crowd happy.

    Perfect scenario in my book.
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    Re: Is this the year Minnesota finally records a shutout?

    LOL wow. I know some articles have simularities to whats posted here on PP.O, but wow, there was a thread about this last week, and almost everything listed in that article was discussed in that thread.

    I like how we can post things directly from other sites but they can come here and take our conversations and make them into articles lol

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