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Thread: Yay, stadium

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    Yay, stadium

    Looks like the Vikes are building the staduim thats been on for a couple years. I like this design alot, and hopefully Tice is gone before its constructed. ies&language=en&palette_name=twincities&site_name= twincities&start=1&component_title=&component_desc =

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    Re: Yay, stadium

    dont worry about tice. He'll be gone by week 5.

    that stadium is bad azzz but that lake in front of it is gonna be frozen solid by december.

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    Re: Yay, stadium

    You have to be able to run the ball if you have an open air field in Minnesota. What kind of field do you need to punt a lot?
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    Re: Yay, stadium

    Has the state approved it yet???

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    Re: Yay, stadium ays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

    Already Posted.

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