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    YAY... finally some progress

    Spam Stadium :colors: or Strohs Stadium would be o.k. HA
    Green Bay police station toilet stolen.

    Cops say they have nothing to go on.

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    YAY... finally some progress

    "howln4u" wrote:
    I hate to say but I like the way Lambeau looks on the outside but the problem is all they did was fix that and not add enough seats. .
    Actually, it was the fans who demanded that the bowl not be changed from the way it was.

    They did make the outside nicer, but they also created a year-round venue and really upped the luxury box/club seats. The atrium is open year-round, houses the pro shop and the hall of fame, as well as several restaurants and taverns.

    And yes, I would have liked more seats too, but my season tickets should come to me in about 37 years.

    If more seats is what you want, demand it. They listened to the Packer fans. We had proposals to build a whole new stadium and the fans (and STOCKHOLDERS shot it down).
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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