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    Re: Yahoo sports prediction on Vikes

    "fourdoorchevelle" wrote:
    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    I really don't know that you can blame the coaching staff. It isn't so much a late season thing as it was a mental thing. It was almost an exact repeat of the year before,. We play a not so good team -- the Giants -- get swacked and then begin to worry "Oh no, a repeat of last year." So the players panic as well as the coaching staff and everyone tried so hard to do everything right they become conservative in their approach and over amplified every mistake and they crashed and burned.
    It's kinds like the Williamson thing now. He's not catching passes and everyone says, it's nerves, rookie mistakes, etc.
    I really don't belive the Vikes have had the leadership they needed the last couple of years. Moss ran his mouth and the show. Now, through some trades and acquisitions, cooler heads and a lot of experience at winning come to the Vikings. I think that's gonna make a world of difference.
    The game that really bothers me is the second game of the season against the Bengels. I live in the Bengels area and they have everyone of their starters back from a season that was as good as the Vikes. I think that will be a real "watershed" game."

    the correct answer for these late season fades is bad coaching.

    in tice's first season 6-10 , not great . first season jitters , no problem . i'll cut ya some slack .

    2nd season , vikings come flying outta the gate at 6-0. anybody want to venture a guess as far as the final record for the unstoppable vikings? 9-7 . now how does a team that wins six in a row lose the next 7 outta 10? ahhhh , it was a fluke . the players got tired . the first 6 games were against high school jv teams.

    3rd season , well tice and co. are certainly not gonna let the late season fade happen again , right? well the vikings again come out the gate with rage and fury to a outstanding record of 5-1 . tice is sure to have the group fired up and ready to go for the mid and 2nd half of the season , right? well maybe not , again after 6 games in the season the vikings lose all composure and only win 3 games. 8-8. how can the same group of people have such different out comes? lack of focus? well whos job is it to make sure that the players are focused . unprepaired , again coaching . players are tired? sure but again this has to fall on the coaches , they are responsible for the training and conditioning.

    can anyone else recall the horrible play selection? how can this team this explosive struggle like they have when it really matters . i've never seen so many leads disappear so quickly .

    i'm not calling for tices head ......yet . this year he WILL have a defence. and an owner that isn't affraid to open the pocket book . BUT if the vikings only win 3 games after the first 6 games then tice should be religated to mascot.
    thank god linnehan is gone. too easy to figure him out. Lets see if Loney is smarter then the last OC. Seems like everyone misses the simplistic issue: we called vanilla, and other teams ate it up after watching a few tapes of our games. When Neumdog can call almost every upcoming play, then its too easy.

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    Re: Yahoo sports prediction on Vikes

    Give Neumdog a shot at coordinator! :razz:

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