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Thread: WWF In Da Dome

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    WWF In Da Dome

    Any of you guys at the Slacker game witness any fights or "class acts" on either side? I saw the cops hauling out some combatants from the corner/second deck towards the end of the game. [:0] I had a few cheeseheads around me, but they acted with dignity and class (must be Minnesotans). A female trailer trash Viking fanatic sat behind me spewing commentary that even embarrassed ME! [V] After the game I was standing in the cattle line to take a leak and observed a Slacker standing next to a Vike fan at the trough. The yellow and green rump ranger started flipping him s**t and bumping him as he was trying to urinate! [:0] What an idiot! [)] Fight ALMOST started but we cooled it down. Finally, a very drunk pasteruized conehead [)] wandered into the bathroom and while standing amongst an army of purple yelled "What the fu&k! It's awfully quiet in here! I can't believe how quiet you a$$holes are!" A few in purple turned and looked at him, then quickly saw he'd pissed himself and didn't even know it"![)] Class acts on both sides. All in all, I was surprised by how the green and purple crowds mixed so well. As I left the dome I made it a point to tell Slacker fans "good game." By the way, I looked high and low for my ol' pal Inferior00BarFly to quaff a few pickled eggs, CheeseWhiz and Schmidts without luck. Maybe next trip... [8D]
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