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    Re:Would Cards D have been different vs TJack?

    marstc09 wrote:
    Marrdro wrote:
    Ahhhhh, been patiently waiting for this....... :P

    I need to go find them, but there were a couple of articles posted earlier this year were a few defensive players were quoted as saying that it was harder to gameplan against the Vikes with TJ than the Vikes with our current starter.

    Rationale was that they didn't have to worry about the noodles legs, just his arm. Against TJ they had to worry about his legs, and not so much his arm.

    Is that a comparison of the two? Hell no. It just points out the obvious, the two have assets that cause concern.

    I for one doubt that we would have seen the ameoba. That in and of itself would have taken the ability to put a "Spy" down in the box which in turn might have freed up AD to roam a bit more.

    On a side note, I find it kindof interesting that a few of you automatically say we couldn't have won with TJ when in fact he won with a lesser team last year. Our team is arguably "Alot" better in almost every catagory this year.
    Two things....

    Link to those articles? I don't believe you.

    We are a lot better in almost every category due in large part to a man named Favre. Things would be a hell of a lot different with TJ. Lesser team than last year? How so?
    I agree, that was the most ridiculous concept I have heard yet.

    If the letgs are what gives people worries, then put Harvin in at QB. At least I know he knows how to run. If legs and not the arm are harder to scheme against, why does Manning create problems? He has about 4.5 career rushing yards. Tom Brady won 3 SB's with no threat to run. Legs indeed.

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    Re:Would Cards D have been different vs TJack?

    Yes, it would have been different, but it would not have been good.

    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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