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    Worst Vikings team ever? It has to be 1984

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    "Bud Grant and his coaches were on the same page and we knew what to expect, but Les Steckel tried to change all that, do it his own way, and I think it kind of blew up in his face, to be honest with you," Studwell recalled."It was very difficult. You know, we had some injuries, certainly that hurt us, and you know we were competitive early on in the season, then things kind of just fell apart for us. We had a lot of guys get hurt. Quite honestly, we had some players that kind of laid down and quit on him and quit on their teammates. So I mean, we were not competitive late in the year. Our talent had dropped off. But it was a tough year, I think there was a lot of transition, a lot of new coaches, a lot of new players. I think everything kind of just fell apart."

    I still contend and have for years that Grant was too soft on the players and that is why they always folded in the big games when push came to shove. Steckel came in and tried to toughen them up and they rebelled by laying down and losing which got him fired and they brought back Grant and his soft ways. The Vikings would have been better off gutting the roster ( Except Steve Jordan, who was man enough to do everything asked of him and still give it 100% on Sunday)right then and there and getting players that would play.

    In some ways this team mirrors that one in that they are also laying down and quitting.

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    One thing about the 2011 team is that the players haven't quit or lost respect for the coach like they did in 1984. They have given 100 percent in every game.

    And rest assured, when the season is over, they will have a better record than the worst team in Vikings history.
    I disagree with both points. Either some of these guys suck beyond belief or they've quit. They certainly aren't giving 100%. And where on our remaining schedule do you see 2 or even 1 more win? Denver at home, and maybe Chicago if Cutler is still out. Knowing our secondary we'll find a way to make Tebow look good and help him solve some of his problems. Tebow finds ways to win, and the Vikings usually find ways to lose, so you do the math.

    These are some of the worst Viking seasons that pop into my head, through 11 games.

    YEAR ... W-L-T .... PF-PA ...... OFF ...... DEF....FINISHED
    1961 ... 2-9-0 ... 201-321 ... 2988 ... 4398 ... 3-11-0 expansion team
    1962 ... 2-8-1 ... 202-296 ... 3142 ... 3840 ... 2-11-1
    1984 ... 3-8-0 ... 214-288 ... 3365 ... 4203 ... 3-13-0 Steckle
    2002 ... 3-8-0 ... 254-302 ... 4250 ... 4138 ... 6-10-0 Tice first year
    2011 ... 2-9-0 ... 214-295 ... 3464 ... 3936 ... ????????? Frazier first year

    I felt 2002 was going to be worse than the Steckle era, but somehow we won our final 3 games, and all in dramatic fashion. Bypassing OT with the Saints and opting for the 2 point conversion to win. Then a buzzer beating 53yd GW FG from Gary Andersen vs the Dolphins. Then stopping a potential game tying 2pt conversion vs Detroit to finish 6-10. So Tice was a bit better in that the team didn't quit on him like they did with Steckle.

    We just tied our worst start (through 11 games) in team history. I think this 2011 team is going 2-14 with an outside shot at beating Chicago in the final game (if Cutler is still out), so we could finish 3-13. Although at this point I don't think we could beat anyone other than the Colts and maybe the Rams, but unfortunately for us, neither are on the schedule. Move over Steckle, make room for Frazier, the new poster child of Viking futility.


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