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    Worst Viking Misery

    Forget about the four Super Bowl losses, Korey Stringer, the Herschel Walker trade, the missed field goal in the 1999 NFC championship game, missing the playoffs after starting the 2003 season 6-0, Mike Tice scalping the Super Bowl tickets, the Whizzinator, the Love Boat cruise, the move to the Metrodome, Jim Marshall's wrong-way run and all those Fran Tarkenton infomercials -- what STILL really ticks off Minnesota fans is the knowledge, the absolute knowledge, that the Vikings would have gone to the Super Bowl (and won it this time, dammit!) if that damn referee had only gotten it right and called offensive pass interference on Drew Pearson during Roger Staubach's Hail Mary pass in the 1975 playoffs. @#&%! @#&%! @#&%!!!

    From ESPN Page 2
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    Re: Worst Viking Misery

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