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    Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    Heard on the radio this morning that many reporters in the media are saying in private that the Vikings are the worst franchise in all of the different pro sports today!

    I know we have some problems, but I'm not sure I agree with that.

    What do you think?
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    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    Who gives a rip what reports think?

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    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    Nah dude.. Texans are worse.. And that's just football

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    Personally I think it is funny, that a team that endured as much change as we have this offseason have to put up with this bullshit from the media and from our own fans.

    You all knew we had to gel, we had to learn the ropes all over again. The change was just too great. Somehow it was forgotten or someone expected the process to take a week and a half? You need to look at weekly improvement to guage this thing.

    It's easy to sit back and throw stones, you want to get yoru hands dirty? You want to understand what the hell is going on you have to dive right in to the chaos baby, this is the process. Not all teams have a bumpy transition but we are. Buckle down find a leather strap bite down on that son of a bitch because when we get off the gravel and hit the pavement this stagecoach will be moving.

    The media doesn't give a shit. They look into the stories that sell. They wont say the Vikings have lost the worlds best receiver, they have a new owner, new coaches, new players SOME OF WHOM are expected to be takes time.

    You know why they don't take the time to actually analyze? It's because a lot of their sorry asses picked us to go all the way. If they said at this point it is the growing process it would expose how LAZY how UNEDUCATED and how fake they really are.

    Instead they can sit back and say well I would have been right they would have been the team to beat BUT this boat thing, BUT this gas station thing, BUT this BUT that................It's pretty fucking weak. And so is some of the fan reaction that is following the same lines. Not that I care what the fan next to me thinks, it's just a bit too much for me lately.

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    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    It's hyperbole.

    Red McCombs is referred to as, historically, one of professional sports' worst owners. I wouldn't be suprised if it takes a while to bring the team back out of the funk he created. Nothing a little house cleaning can't fix though.
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    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    this is true

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    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    suck it up, ladies and gents. Crimeny. The world has not ended and the Vikings are nowhere near then worst whatever.

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    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    Say what? The Vikings? How about these ones:

    Devil Rays
    Arizona Cardinals

    None of these teams have done a thing in the last 15 years, some are they better than the Vikes....I mean c'mon...the Devil Rays???


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    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    The unjust thing about the media is, they just sit back and wait for a event to happen and then they make whatever they want out of it.

    The more hype and stringers(stories that somehow birth out of another story) the better.
    It creates the illusion they are really doing some sort of work that matters towards the public good.
    They need to feel like they matter in a sense that is greater than the avg person.

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    Re: Worst Franchise in all of Pro Sports!!

    No. We are not the worst team in pro sports. We are fielding a team that is poorly coached and that pulls plays out of a hat, rather than having coherent drives. We get penalties on every drive, which kills the drive. We turn the ball over.

    But we are not the worst team. I still have confidence in Wilf and the organization. this organization has been too good over the years. We just have a very, very bad team right now.

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