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Thread: Wk 1. Redskins.

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    Prophet Guest

    Wk 1. Redskins.

    The Redskins have scored 17 total pts in three preseason games.
    Sure, Portis is out, but that is pathetic.
    Sure, the preseason is not a measure for success in the regular season, but when you lose 41-0 in the third week of preseason there has to be red flags raised, or possibly white flags.
    The third preseason game is usually the most realistic game of the preseason with the starters stayin in the longest.
    The last week of preseason is the final time to decide who makes the illustrious 53-man roster.


    Wk 1
    Redskins score 3 pts against Bengals.
    Final 3-19.

    Buffalo scored 31 pts against the Bengals in wk 2 and we'll see how the Packers do tonight.

    Buffalo scored a bunch in their matchup vs the Bengals, but the Redsticks could only must 3 pts.

    Wk 2
    Redskins score 14 against Jets.
    Final 14-27.

    Tampa racks up a W with 16 pts against the Jets in wk 1 and the Jints score 13 for a W against the Redskins in wk 3.

    A wash.

    Wk 3
    Redskins score 0 pts against Patriots.
    Final 0-41.

    Falcons rack up 26 pts against the Patriots in wk 1 and Cards get 3 pts vs Patriots in week 2.

    Gotta hurt.

    Wk 4
    Redskins play Ravens

    The 41-0 loss must make Gibbs shudder, even if it is preseason.
    What does this mean to Vikes fans?
    A hint of optimism is what I see when they head to D.C. for a heavily secure matchup on 9/11.
    Hopefully Clinton Portis is ready to play.
    A surprise may be in store at the nation's capitol.

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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    With the way the preseason has gone I see us winning this game. It's not gonna be a blowout like the Baltimore game but I say...Vikes 26-Skins 17.

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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    You can't have an undefeated season without starting out 1-0!
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    Scary thing is, the Skins are still 6 pts. favorites in Vegas ... BET THE COLLEGE FUND ON VIKES !!!!!

    Easy money .....


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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    yeah, i got to say, 3 weeks ago i was a lot less optimistic about our chances against a few of our early games, but now im starting to really think we could be better than expected

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    It is a sure lock that the Vikes will win week one bank it.

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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    "oakmage" wrote:
    It is a sure lock that the Vikes will win week one bank it.
    I hope and Pologirl need to be able to razz all these Skins fans here ALL YEAR LONG!!!!

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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    We're gonna take the Washingtons to the woodshed methinks. I almost pity them...almost.

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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    I want it to be a close game so we can fly low under the radar, than when we face the Panthers, BAM!!! Blow up and take it
    from them in a huge way. 2-0 start here we come.
    Trying to bring rationale to an irrational site

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    Re: Wk 1. Redskins.

    i will be picking us in week 1, that is for damn sure
    We're bringing purple back.

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