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Thread: Winny released

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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    If I disagree with someone's POV then I will offer up my POV as well. It's no different then what's being done to me. Tit for tat as you say. Difference is, it appears to be OK when they do it, but not OK when I do it. My page gets visited by people looking at my recent posts, looking for something to hammer on.

    Probably because I'm not always siding with the masses & jumping on the wagon. I have no problem being in the minority. That doesn't make me wrong.

    I'm also not one to turn on a player that I liked simply because he gets cut, traded or leaves the team via FA & somehow try to justify it.

    This is a Vikings football forum, not PurpleShades. org. Our differences of opinion is what brings us here. If we all agreed with each other or pretended everything is always rosey, this wouldn't be much of a site.
    I disagree with that entire post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Floyd View Post
    I wasn't talking about posts you make on the team in general but the way you pick apart other fans posts on pretty much every topic. You did it to me on probably one of the very first posts I made and I got sucked into the tit for tat for years. Now I am trying to turn another's page and get back to what I wanted to do from the start and that is enjoy the team and the game.
    But PF thats because your posts are so much fun to pick apart. This is the time of year when about 90% of what is written about the NFL is not accurate. On top of that fans get really bored waiting for the season to start. So there is nothing to do but speculate on speculations by speculators. Picking apart posts and opinions is not a personal attack. It is just the only thing fans can do until the team is set and training camp begins. Then we can start complaining in earnest. Just try to enjoy the tit for tat because we really don't have much else to do until the FO is done messing around with the team. It's not like they are taking our advice ehhh. Maybe we need more pin up pics in the two beer minimum forum. Some real tit for tat to discuss.


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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    The money is the essential the same. If Winfield makes the Seahawk's roster, he's guaranteed the $3 million.
    Actually its under 2 mill guaranteed as some is tied to have to be on the roster from week to week and another mill is incentive based

    has a base value of $2 million. Of that amount, $500,000 is tied to his presence each week on the active roster, at a rate of $31,250 per game.Winfield also received a $500,000 signed bonus, and $500,000 of his $1 million base salary is guaranteed. Another $1 million is available in incentives, based on playing time and interceptions.

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