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    Re: Winfield criticizes defensive scheme

    At least Pep can take some comfort in knowing that by the time he does come back this coaching staff (Cottrel in particular) will be gone.
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    Re: Winfield criticizes defensive scheme

    FINALLY this has been brought up! We have a talented defense, but we dont play aggressive enough. We sit back and let the other quarterback pick us apart. We need a few changes. Change in Defensive Coordinater, Move Loney back to o-line coach where he belongs, fire tice, defensive speciallist, hire new offensive coordinator, and possibly a new mlb because of the aging cowart, maybe draft?? But there are plenty of coaches that could turn this team around, we need leadership and discipline at the coaching spot! Not the playas coach!
    After we do this, and not until then, will we be successful again, we need to do 3/6 things above to be successful again!

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