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    Re: Winfield to Cover Smith

    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
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    "hav0x" wrote:
    [quote author=El Vikingo link=topic=48005.msg840574#msg840574 date=1221949591]
    [quote author=Yfz01 link=topic=48005.msg840570#msg840570 date=1221948583]
    [quote author=hav0x link=topic=48005.msg840565#msg840565 date=1221947637]
    [quote author=Yfz01 link=topic=48005.msg840540#msg840540 date=1221944302]
    [quote author=HEY link=topic=48005.msg840482#msg840482 date=1221933372]
    [quote author=Yfz01 link=topic=48005.msg840480#msg840480 date=1221932049]
    Winfield looked amazing last weekend, as long as we can get a pass rush he should do fine.
    And Sharper is just as fast, if not faster then Tyrell, IMO.
    Tyrell has also over persued angles, allowing cutbacks...

    Sharper is the best safety we have, even when Madieu comes back... He is aggressive but usually does well in coverage, and he can cover ground very well, sideline to sideline.
    I think Winfield did a superb job last week too, and I agree that we should put Winfield on the line to press Steve Smith while we have a safety on top. Winfield is a very physical corner who does a fine job at press-coverage.

    About the safety spot, I don't agree that Sharper is as fast as Tyrell Johnson. In fact, I'm pretty shure Tyrell is much faster than Sharper. I also think Tyrell Johnson is a better tackler than him.

    On the other side, Sharper has WAAAAY more knowledge and experience than the rookie (of course)
    Sharper still runs a 4.3 and covers ground quickly, i'm not sure what Tyrell runs but I believe it's somewhere in the 4.4s.
    Even if Tyrell is faster top end, I really do not like the angles he was trying to take in the last couple games, allowing cut backs and extra yards (Big play by Grant, and big play by Wayne/Gonzalas.)
    Sharper is one of my favorite players but him running a 4.3 is complete bull, hell AP only ran a 4.38 at the combine if I remember correctly.
    Sharper ran a 4.4 electrically timed 40, and I have found a few other of the faster Vikings times.

    Adrian Peterson---4.38 forty

    Andrae Allison---4.39 forty

    Marcus McCaulley---4.39 forty

    Tyrell Johnson---4.41 forty

    Antoine Winfiled---4.41 forty

    Bernard Berrian --- 4.41 forty

    Madieu Williams --- 4.46 forty

    Cedric Griffin --- 4.51 forty

    Sidney Rice --- 4.53 forty

    Kevin Williams --- 4.81 forty(interesting)

    Ray Edwards --- 4.81 forty(Hmm... same time as K-Will)

    Jared Allen --- 4.81 forty (Also the same 40 time)

    Although I wouldn't take too much stock in 40 times...
    the more important point is missed
    the time of PAT WILLIAMS ,please I need to know it
    Haha I was just going to say that exact same thing.

    thats actually interesting.
    I didn't know Griffin was actually that slow...

    Also just goes to show really how athletic Kevin Williams really is.
    I also would like to see Pats time.
    I bet it would be around the 5.05 mark
    He's got some quickness, but i don't know he can maintain much speed.

    I dont think Pat Williams has ever ran 40 yards...

    Although the athletic receiver from Carolina is pretty fast
    Steve Smith --- 4.38 40 yard dash.


    Actually I think Pat ran upwards of Forty on a fumble recovery for TD last year. He had to be taken to the locker room for a quarter because he was so gassed though.
    ;D ;D ;D

    I remember when Kevin ran back his first fumble on that 66yarder against jacksonville a few years ago.
    He was almost done after that.
    He's gotten in much better shape since then.

    I always found that to be a great play, why does Edwards need to tackle the guy?

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