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Thread: Winfield?

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    Re: Winfield?

    We are far enough under the cap to keep him.Next years ceiling for salary cap will be about 93 to 95 million.We will be at about 67 million so we can keep him and still sign another stud or two..
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    Re: Winfield?

    "Guruzen" wrote:
    Against the #2 receiver though... why does Williams take over with the #1 receiver?
    because antione can take a guy, a #2, and shut him down completely. then we put bwill on a #1 and have safety help.

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    Re: Winfield?

    id resign williams he provides great depth
    our only sure-handed receiver

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    Re: Winfield?

    I would much rather pay to keep BWill than let him go and have to watch him succeed somewhere else.
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    Re: Winfield?

    B-Will is a good player, but he's going to want and test free agency. Cornerbacks have been getting an insane amount of money.

    If we were going to pay big money for a free agent corner this offseason, I'd want it to be Nate Clements... since the Bills have a habit of letting good corners get away.

    But I doubt we re-sign Williams, and I doubt we get another big name corner. Smoot should be settled into the defense by then.

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