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    Re: Williamson won't let go of new bravado

    "Billy" wrote:
    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    "Billy" wrote:
    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    "Billy" wrote:
    [quote author=ItalianStallion link=topic=36141.msg610629#msg610629 date=1185826276]
    but at the end of the day some people are just good at it and others aren't because catching the ball is 90% mental.
    Prove it!
    How else do you explain how someone like Troy, who has been catching passes well his whole life, had such a bad season last year catching the ball?
    It's not like Brad Johnson's passes were harder to catch than Culpepper's.

    You drop a pass, and it bothers you, and you start thinking about "not-dropping" the next one when you should be thinking about "catching it".
    Next thing you know you start having footballs bounce off your hands because your not reacting fast enough.
    If you can't concentrate on just catching the ball (rather than not dropping it, or thinking where the defender is or how hard you're going to get hit) you'll drop the ball a lot more often.
    Nike's millions of dollars in research comes closer to proving anything though (the whole "prove it" thing is a joke).

    And yes, Johnson's crap spirals probably were harder to catch.
    T-jack on the otherhand, his spirals make me dreamy.
    How tight a spiral is doesn't matter when you can't get your hands up fast enough and let it bounce off your helmet.
    A problem with eyesight is a legitimate reason, however concentration is the because determinant IMO.
    I really don't doubt that concentration has an effect.

    In respect to Williamson last year most of his dropped passes that I remember were his fault and not the QB's (over the shoulder through the hands).
    But there were some timing issues on some passes and a couple bobbles.
    If it is mostly a concentration issue though, then he should be able to fix it if he really want's to succeed.

    It's also difficult to catch the ball when your eyes are closed.
    That's the question I had for the Nike experts.
    They may have fixed his sight but did they teach him to keep his eyes open when trying to catch a ball?

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    Re: Williamson won't let go of new bravado

    - Troy Williamson dropped two passes that were right on the money.

    This is during a the first scrimmage of camp about 15 mins long.

    - On deep passes, Troy Williamson always seems to be in the vicinity of the football (or vice versa), but it rarely appears as if he has a legitimate chance to make the catch. He's either off balance or out of position. On a positive note, aside from a couple drops today, Troy showed flashes of brilliance over the middle on shorter passes.

    Everyone here is already drooling about our deep ball to Troy. Why not Allison or Rice.

    - During QB-WR passing drills, Troy Williamson had a ball sail right through his hands on an out-route near the sideline. However, he came right back with a nice, falling catch on the very next rep (all hands). Later, Williamson wowed the crowd with a lunging grab in traffic on a slant route during 11-on-11 practice.

    This is from this mornings practice, hell i go back 1 more practice and look for troy

    - Troy Williamson had another solid afternoon, catching basically everything thrown his way. Troy had a couple deep balls sail away (although he had chances to catch both), but he caught everything underneath and in traffic. Troy still doesn't catch the ball with his hands enough. Instead, he cradles the ball against his jersey, which is a recipe for a dropped pass.

    This just rebuttals my argument (sort of) but I'm a journalist god-damn it and ill post it for the people. Again i don't think he's ever been the deep ball type. He just does what i do, throw your hands up but usually look like a fool. Catching the ball with his jersey? I hope this is just the media fucking with us.

    So he does seem to be improving but i think he still should be cut.

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    Re: Williamson won't let go of new bravado

    I read this article a couple of days ago and found it very encouraging.
    Not so much about Troy's bravado as much as Childress reading up on Dale Carnegie.
    Maybe this is the type of thing he was looking for with that coaching manual he said nobody gave him when he became the head coach.


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