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    Re: "Williamson, Again"

    Winfield is my favorite player left on the Vikings, as my sig betrays

    But I'll admit watching him against New York I was concerned about his acceleration out of his hip swivel.

    I hope he's not giving it his all.

    But I'm not too worried, because last year he gave up a league low 1 (2, if we count the TO bobble on Monday night) touchdowns.
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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    Re: "Williamson, Again"

    I'm not suprised this guy is really gonna be a star plus AW was never known as a speedster like TW.

    "SSSMMMOOTTT" & "Toine" will be the best CB combo in the NFL next year TRUST ME!!!

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    Re: "Williamson, Again"

    I wouldn't worry about Twan. He knows it is just pre-season and if he gets hurt... :sad:

    TW is gonna be awesome, I can't wait to see him really bloom.

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    Re: "Williamson, Again"

    man im so excited to watch troy play with daunte, hopefully he will get some action with daunte on friday so we can really see him go deep

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    Re: "Williamson, Again"

    Saw this on KFAN, thought some of you would enjoy reading a scouting report on Troy

    "Found this info from a chargers scout (rob curtis)"
    Though he was double-teamed more than any premier WR in this draft, South Carolina WR Troy Williamson showed quite a bit this year. He is not as good a prospect as Michigan WR Braylon Edwards or Southern Cal WR Mike Williams, but the difference between the three is not that big. Most scouting reports focus on his 4.3 speed, which is a big reason for his 19.4 yard average, but straight line speed only takes you so far. On intermediate to deep routes, he eats up cushion with his ability to accelerate through his cuts. This skill creates big play opportunities at all time. He is also an ultra competitive player that fights for the ball, adjusts to poorly thrown balls, and puts good effort in his blocking. He isn’t as refined as Oklahoma’s Mark Clayton on the shorter routes, but he is not as dependent as Clayton on those routes to be useful.

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    Re: "Williamson, Again"

    I was talking with my dad the other day and he was mentioning Troy's acceleration.. now my dad is a straight line critic.. he calls it like he see's it, and he said. "Do what you can to watch the Tampa game. T.W. will get a couple looks deep and noone is gonna expect it when all of a sudden he'll be GONE..

    he didn't say he's a new moss, but he did say that "nate / troy combo outside and t.t. or m.r. doing inside/shorter routes with 2 TE's is gonna cause some serious havoc.. before they sent most coverage to moss.. but now.. who do u cover?"

    i havn't watched any of hte preseason games, but have read everything i can. sounds like Troy's gonna bounce outta the gates and get attention.. i just hope they let him.. especially if he does.. he'll pull coverage off nate and crew.. D.C.'s gonna have a field day!!!


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    Re: "Williamson, Again"

    Yeah, Its official! I'm getting excited to see our Offense make the critics eat thier words. They are gonna be unstoppable! OH YEAH, only 17 days till opening kick off. It's gonna be fun...
    God Bless America, & the MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

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    Re: "Williamson, Again"

    I missed all but the 4th Q of the last preseason game, do to work. I did see the highlights of Troy and he looked good! He was in on 6 or 8 plays. Caught a 54 yarder and a 13 yard TD. Bring on Tampa!!!


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