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    Will Tjack ever improve

    Do you guys think that tjack will ever live up to chilly expectations, or just a waste at a 2nd round pick?

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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    It's hard to know just what Chilly's expectations are at this point. He has brought in O'Sullivan, McMahon, Detmer, Jackson, Bollinger, Holcolm, Henson etc in the last year along with sending Brad Johnson packing. So far with the exception of Johnson, he has liked all of them for one reason or another and none of them has amounted to anything yet. I am not sure what his expectations were for any of them but my guess is that none of the players above ever met them.

    I do feel that Jackson will improve. What I don't know is whether that improvement will ever be enough to be a star in the NFL. Right now it is a long row to hoe.

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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    I'm afraid that after he got KTFO in the Chargers game, he will never take off for a first down again. I hope I'm wrong, the kid looked like he had the athletic ability to be a threat to run in the beginning. That threat might have forced the defense to put a "spy" on him, thus opening up a few more receivers to him. It just hasn't happened. Hopefully he will bounce back and things will start to click for him and the entire offense.

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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    Just look through the dozens of threads and you will find out way more than you need to know about the opinions of members here ragarding TJ.

    As for me, no.

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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    i still have faith in him, if we get a wide out that he can count on to get open he will be better, hopefully sidney rice can be that guy or we trade for either Fitz or Chad Johnson... look at what payton manning did when he didnt have harrison or clark or gonzo... he sucked and he still had a stud wide out to throw to... wayne...

    that is y no qb in are system is going to be any good until we get some wide outs that can make some plays...

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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    What we need is a veteran so he can learn without pressure (if his confidence is not very good) or we just keep getting him the weapons he needs to be successful. And yes he can get better. He has the attributes. He is just being rushed and missing many key pieces.

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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    i say they need a proven veteran QB to come in.. and compete for the job during the offseason, if TJack isn't the best option next year, sit him and have him learn behind the vet.. if the earns it great.
    Don't make the "rebuilding process" longer than it has to be

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    Will he "improve"?
    He can't be any worse than he has been.
    Will it be enough to justify the confidence Chiller had in him?
    I seriously doubt it.


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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    Will Tjack ever improve?

    Not to the level that he needs to be at to lead this team to a championship.

    We need to go in another direction.
    Even babies know the difference.

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    Re: Will Tjack ever improve

    Put it this way, a QB in a short-pass oriented offense like the west coast offense who has a 45 % completion rate, is not cutting it at the NFL level. I said it at the beginning of the season, and I will say it again: if we keep starting T-Jack, we go like 5-11. Tarvaris has shown me nothing that makes me think he can make it. He is not accurate. He panics and runs at the first sign that the pocket is collapsing. I don't like his mechanics. The only thing I like is the arm strength, but that is not enough (if it were, Ryan Leaf would still be playing).

    Let's just review for a moment what a good starting QB in the NFL needs:

    - Leadership
    - Accuracy
    - Ability to read a defense
    - Ability to audible and improvise
    - Pocket mobility
    - Courage and ability to stand in the pocket
    - Arm strength
    - Intelligence
    - Stoicism

    I only see arm strength there for T-Jacks so far.

    I keep wishing I could chill Tarvaris out, because he panics way too fast.

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